Will Spanish Fort school zones change?

No. That was the unequivocal answer from Baldwin County School Superintendent Robbie Owen at the Jan. 20 Spanish Fort Education Summit at the Spanish Fort High School gym.

Currently, the Spanish Fort school feeder pattern encompasses four neighborhoods in the Daphne, Ala., city limits, as well as unincorporated areas of Spanish Fort in neighborhoods north on Hwy. 225. Some of these areas north of the city limits have Bay Minette telephone exchanges, as well as mailing addresses.

Parents have recently voiced concerns that as enrollment swells and the portable classroom count grows that the school zone will be redrawn to funnel students who are not living in Spanish Fort proper to other zones. Owen specifically addressed both the Daphne subdivisions and unincorporated areas. “No rezoning. No one’s going to be moved,” he said.

The news was met with applause from the crowd of about 200 parents and teachers. Owen’s comments came in a meeting to push for an 8-mil property tax increase to fund the capital construction plan. The tax increase will be up for a vote on March 31. The Daphne subdivisions that are zoned for Spanish Fort schools are TimberCreek, Historic Malbis, Bay Branch and Plantation Hills. Some of the subdivisions on Hwy. 225 include, Delta Woods, Saluda and Bromley Woods.

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